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4.3 million foreign-born residents call Florida home and approximately 380,700 immigrants live in the Tampa Bay area. Refugees and immigrants arrive wanting to build a better life for themselves and their families. When examining their motivations, or remembering the stories that make up our collective history of immigration, these journeys share a common thread: a yearning for opportunity and freedom.

Without proper information, immigrants can easily become victims of predatory lending schemes and destructive financial practices that can create long-lasting damage. Serving a majority of low-moderate income individuals, Project Prosper provides this population with the tools it needs to succeed.

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Financial Literacy

We offer 12 financial literacy courses based on Wells Fargo’s Hands-On Banking curriculum. Courses can be delivered individually or as part of a series. This flexible model fits bests with participants needs.

Loan Program with Financial Mentoring

Project Prosper’s loan program is a 4 pronged approach that encompasses small no-interest loans, matched savings, financial mentoring, and reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus.


This course series provides our entrepreneurial clients with an introduction to American business practices along with tools to help them create and operate their own businesses.


76% of Project Prosper's spending is directed to program expenses.

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