Client Stories – Loan Program

Client Stories – Loan Program


Licensed Cosmetologist

Laura came to the United States from Colombia. In Colombia, Laura’s father was known for his successful trucking business and was kidnapped by local rebels. After being reunited with his family Laura’s father decided to leave their home and make a new life in the US. In Colombia, Laura was a nail technician and she decided that she wanted to continue her cosmetology education here. Laura used her loan to buy a car that allowed her to continue to go to school and work to help support her family. Laura received her cosmetology license and interned at a local salon.


Helped to Save his Family

Marcos moved his family from Egypt to the U.S. to escape religious persecution his family experienced due to their Christian faith. In Egypt, Marcos was a successful import/export business owner, while his wife, Vivianne, also had a career as a highly-trained customer service agent for a major airline. When he arrived, Marcos quickly found work in the United States and focused on supporting his family. While working two jobs, Marcos applied for a Project Proper Loan so that he could purchase a car that would allow his wife to reenter the workforce.

Maritza & Esteban

U.S. Permanent Residency

Maritza and Esteban came to the United States from Cuba. In their home country, Maritza was a cardiologist and Esteban was the CFO of Telecom Italia. They came to the US through Mexico, having been estranged from their home country for over 14 years, to be closer to their son. Maritza and Esteban used their loans to pay Permanent Residency fees. Today, Maritza and Esteban are proud, hard working permanent residents of the United States. Maritza works at two medical clinics while finishing her degree in nursing, and Esteban is employed by the CARIBE Adult Education Program in Tampa.


Needed a second vehicle

Toai, pictured with his daughter and grandson, moved to the U.S. with his wife to be closer to his daughter. A successful owner of an ice company in Vietnam, Toai yearned for success in his new country. Already employed himself, Toai applied for a Project Prosper loan to purchase a second car for his wife so that she too could find employment. Today, Toai has successfully repaid his loan to Project Prosper, and both he and his wife are employed. They enjoy spending time with their family and love being new grandparents.


Approved for a Car Loan

Thuy immigrated to the United States with her husband and 12 year old daughter from Vietnam. Thuy was working as a nail technician and relying on her employer for transportation to and from work. As both she and her husband worked, lacking transportation was a struggle for the family. Thuy applied for a loan from Project Prosper to enable her to buy a car so that she has reliable transportation to and from work.

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