Executive Director honored as Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Project Prosper’s Executive Director, Faye Steinhauser, was recognized on September 8th at TieCon, the annual conference of Tie Tampa, a worldwide organization supporting start-ups through networking and the raising of capital for new and experienced entrepreneurs. Faye was recognized as Social Entrepreneur of the Year and addressed attendees with comments about the need for our work, the challenges and successes of our clients, and our new projects (beginner level classes and e-learning courses).

“It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized for our work in promoting the financial stability of refugees and immigrants,” Faye commented. “Our overarching goal is to shorten the time it takes to fully integrate into the complicated US financial systems, a feat that sometimes took the immigrants of yesterday several generations. With our guidance, we see clients thrive and spread their knowledge to the greater community, making waves of positive influence that penetrate far further than the clients we serve directly each year. I look forward to coming years where we expand our client base even further by introducing classes for beginner-level English language learners and with the introduction of fully online e-learning classes that are now in development.”

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