Loan Program

Loan Program

Project Prosper recognizes the unique challenges in accessing credit and reliable financial information faced by recent immigrants and refugees. Our innovative loan program includes a 0% interest loan with matched savings, financial coaching, and credit reporting.

Loans are approved for one-time expenses with a maximum loan of $2,500, repayable within a 36-month loan term. While loans are 0% interest, participants pay 10% in “self-savings” to encourage a saving habit. Borrowers are also matched with a volunteer coach, whose role is to provide personalized financial education based on the borrower’s interests. When a borrower successfully pays off their loan, the self-savings amount (usually $250) is returned to the borrower and matched with dollar-for-dollar gift funds if they have met with their coach at least 6 times during the loan term. A unique benefit of this program is that Project Prosper reports the participant’s payments to the three main credit bureaus, allowing clients to establish or build their credit.

Interested in applying for a loan?

Loans can be used for a wide variety of one-time uses such as: buying a car, education fees, fees for applying for citizenship or permanent residency, small business development, etc. All loans are subject to approval. Applicants will be evaluated on their capacity, character, and creditworthiness.


  • Have a one-time financial need (sorry, we do not make loans for rent, utilities, or recurring other recurring expenses – but we do make loans to pay off high-interest debt like credit cards and for any other one-time need).
  • Must be an immigrant or former resident of a US territory now living in Florida.
  • Can provide proof of migration status (have a valid work permit and status; for example: refugee, pending or approved asylum, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), humanitarian parole, permanent resident, US citizen, etc.) 
  • Lived in a U.S. state for less than 15 years.
  • Live or work in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, or Manatee Counties in Florida.
  • Currently employed for at least 6 continuous months.
  • Qualify as part of a low-to-moderate income household (see box below).
    • If your family is close to the limit or you have questions about this, please contact us to help you confirm you are eligible.


Person In Family




Persons In Family


Combined Income


Persons In Family


Combined Income


Persons In Family


Combined Income


Persons In Family


Combined Income


Persons In Family


Combined Income

Steps in the Loan Process

1. Contact us at 727-900-5142 (English and Spanish) for more information and to verify that you qualify.
2. Complete an application.
3. Attend an interview.
4. Subject to approval, receive notification that your loan has been approved.
5. Attend your loan presentation, where you collect your check and meet your coach.
6. Make your payments and gain credit history with all three credit bureaus.
7. Meet with your coach at least six times during your repayment period.
8. After 36 months, your loan will be paid off!
9. Attend a loan closing presentation.
10. Collect a check for the self-interest amount paid (maximum $250) and receive a gift matched up to $250 if coaching requirements are met.

Sample payment for a loan issued for the maximum value ($2,500):


x 36 Months =


Loan Principal


x 36 Months =


Self Interest


Total Monthly Payment

$2,750 ($250 returned as savings)

Over 36 Months

For questions or help with your loan application, contact us at (727) 900-5142 (English or Spanish) or

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