Loan Application

Loan Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Project Prosper loan! You can apply for a loan online or by using our paper form, found below.

If you prefer to apply on paper, please contact our office to discuss your eligibility and to let us know when to expect your application. After contacting us, please download the application below, complete it fully and mail it or deliver it to our office.

If you are mailing your application, please take it to the post office and get a tracking number for it. Tell the postal worker “I need a tracking number” and they will help you do this. Tracking numbers cost only a few dollars to get and help us to track your envelope if it does not arrive at our office. Please save your receipt from the post office, which has the tracking number on it until you know that we have received your application. To learn more about tracking numbers, CLICK HERE.

If you are dropping off your application, go to our office at 13575 58th St N, Clearwater, FL 33760 between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Please bring your application in an envelope, and tell the front desk you are there for Project Prosper. We will meet you at the front desk. If we are not in the office, you can leave your sealed envelope with your application at the front desk and we will pick it up when we return.

Remember that you must include these items with your completed application:

  • A copy of photo identification (FL driver’s license or State ID)
  • Proof of your legal residence status in the US and date of entry
  • Most recent 30 days of pay stubs
  • Two (2) most recent bank statements for ALL of your accounts
  • Proof of address (utility bill no older than 60 days)
  • Credit Report (you can print out your FREE credit report at, we do not require a credit score). If you need help accessing your credit report, click on the step-by-step “Credit Report Guide”. Our staff can also help you with getting your credit report.

For questions or help with your loan application, please contact us.

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