Our Programs

Immigrants and refugees have an overwhelming need for financial literacy, loan services, financial coaching, and credit reporting to ensure their financial stability and inclusion. Differences in culture, language barriers, lack of credit and opportunities to build credit, and limited exposure to banking systems in their countries of origin can present significant challenges, regardless of education level or income.

Project Prosper strives to empower recent immigrants by educating them on the American financial system. We believe in the value of both traditional education and experiential learning and have created a comprehensive approach to providing our services. We reach our participants through the following programs:

Financial Literacy

We offer 13 financial literacy courses, with a curriculum that goes from basic to advanced. This flexible model fits bests with participants needs.

Loan Program with Financial Coaching

Project Prosper’s loan program is a four-pronged approach that encompasses small no-interest loans, matched savings, financial coaching, and reporting to the three major credit bureaus.

If you would like more information and or to attend a volunteer orientation, please contact us.

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