Prosper in Business: Being your own Boss

For many people, starting a successful business is part of their American Dream. A large number of the most successful companies in the United States were started by immigrants and their children. To achieve that dream many different pieces have to come together.

This series will cover many of the pieces it takes, but for this first post I want to cover the most important one: an idea that energizes you. Some parts of starting a business involve following steps, but the idea for your business has to come from you.presentation-ideas-make-your-sales-pitch-stand-out

As you start your business, you’ll probably be your business’s most important salesperson and customer service representative. Waking up every morning eager to work and make your business idea a reality is a must. Aside from being important to get everything done, your customers will see how you feel about your business. Many business owners are successful in large part because they inspire others with the energy they show for their ideas.       

The most important part of being your own boss is being self-motivated even through the challenges. There will be days you have no customers, and you’ll have other things that you want or even need lemonade-standto spend your time on. With your own company there is no boss to tell you to go find new customers or keep your accounting up-to-date. Even more, this will probably happen long before you get the first paycheck from your business. Your idea has to be powerful enough to motivate you every day to make your dream reality.

Next blog I’ll go into a few different kinds of businesses you can start and how that impacts the amount of investment in time and money you need to get started. In the meantime, think about what people around you see you get excited about. Your business idea may be somewhere in that.


Blog Series “Prosper in Business” provided by Project Prosper volunteer: 
Sean Dougherty






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